Learning about Chickens

When I got home today it was nearing dark, getting cold, and starting to flurry a bit. It was getting close enough to sundown to go ahead and put the chickens away for the night, they never stray far from their coop in bad weather anyhow.
When I walked up the hill they were all in their yard. I got out a scoop worth of scratch to lure them into their coop. When I tossed the scratch into the coop door and they all went to eat it, I counted them, 6. I turned around to look for Goldy (what I’ve started calling the other Golden Commet), she was standing right behind me, just a couple of feet from the coop door.
I showed her the scratch feed in my hand and tossed it into the coop but she didn’t buy it. So I just nudged her with my foot, thinking it would herd her into the coop with the others, but instead she just braced herself with a wider stance and kind of half-squatted and arched her shoulders back, sort of anchoring herself in place. I reached down to scootch her with both my hands and she just countered her body weight against my nudging and she wouldnt budge! I ended up just picking her up, which she didnt protest at all, and calmly, gently, setting her inside the coop door. She went about eating some of the feed, but right after I closed the door behind her she turned around and started pecking on the door
They are good about putting themselves to bed when it is “the right time” at dusk by their standards, but if you try to put then up a little early, even for their own good, they can get a little obstinate.

– e.


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