Colloquial Chickens

Having these chickens has really made me understand how so many specific colloquialisms developed in our language.

In the past few weeks and counting I have witnessed the origination and definition of “pecking order”, “cooped up”, “playing chicken” (…It was me vs. them and they won by the way), “ruling the roost”, “chickens coming home to roost”, “putting all your eggs in one basket” (…did this, dropped basket, broke all eggs, hence its a bad idea), and “ruffling feathers”…

Also, the chickens have been wandering further about the front yard areas the past few days, they keep going down toward the road and we’ve had to chase them back up. The only thing I can get them to respond to, if I try to chase them, is me barking like a dog and flailing my arms around… Finally today, after chasing them up again, I just had to yell “Why do you want to cross the road?!?!?!”

Actually, so far, the one idiom I disagree with is “bird brain.”
They may not be intelligent in all the ways humans like to measure intelligence, but they certainly are smart in their own way. I’ve watched them explore, test out new things, inspect things, reason things out. They definitely seem to enjoy stimulation via interaction.

Anyhow, I guess it all just goes to show how long chickens have been such an integral part of the fabric of daily human life.

– e.


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