Get’r Done

Planted asparagus today, in the rain.

It was kind of a drizzly day yesterday when I was off work, and I just felt like I needed to relax, so I didnt spend really any time outside. So today I was going to be sure to get something in the ground after work. Well… it was still a drizzly day, that’s just the way it can tend to go when you live in a climate region that is considered temperate rain forest.

So I thought “to heck with it”, put on my muck jeans, rain coat, and gortex rain hat James scored for me at a second hand store, and went to plant 7 asparagus plants.

The nice thing about getting muddy and damp in that amount of time, is coming back inside afterward, with the task completed, and getting back into clean, dry, warm clothes. Its like the same kind of feeling after playing out in the snow for a while – when you’re finally just ready to come back in and be cozy and dry again, and somehow that makes it feel twice as nice.

– e.

April 2015 - Strawberry and asparagas boxes

This is the raised bed I built for the asparagus, using old lumber on site. On an obviously not rainy day.


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