Family Farm Picnic

My Parents and sisters came out to the property this weekend so we could enjoy the outdoors by having a lovely picnic in celebration of my mom’s birthday. Instead it turned into more of a “Chicnic”, as we spent most of the time jumping up and down from the table having to chase the chickens away.
They beg worse than any dog  I’ve seen, I swear. Sassy was the ring-leader chicken where the behavior was concerned of course. I now have my whole family saying things like “Well, that IS classic Sassy” and “oh, that is SO Sassy” in relation to this chicken’s very distinct personality.

Later, my sister Katie and her boyfriend helped me get the baby greens planted – kale, cabbage, broccoli and lettuces – while I worked on getting in the strawberries, herbs.

– e.


May 2015 - Chicnic

My dad, protecting our food from the flock.

May 2015 - Sneaking up on Sassy

My sister Katie trying to sneak up on Sassy. I don’t think its working.

May 2015 - Baby greens

Baby greens in the ground.




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