Around the place

The sweetgrass smell from the pasture and the sweet smell of the azaleas is so nice to come home to.

James tried out the riding mower we borrowed from Don, and mowed the pasture for the second time its needed this season (Don mowed it for us the first time. Such a helpful guy!) I finished staking out the garden plots and we got the pole beans, snap peas, and edamame planted.

Don came over to do some weed whacking for us. Then he helped plant the heirloom corn, radishes, okra, runner beans, sunflowers, tomatoes, peppers, yellow squash, zucchini, and candy roaster squash. More than halfway done planting the garden beds now.

Then I walked around the property for a bit with a coworker of mine that does wild crafting of herbs to make medicinal infused oils, which she sells at one of the farmers markets around here. We are planning to team up on some medicinal herb cultivation and hopefully plan some workshops to host that we can conduct out on the property. Because the sooner I can figure out ways for this property to help “pay for itself” the better.

– e.

May 2015 - Azalea

The biggest azalea turned out to bloom into my favorite azalea color!


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