Another neighbor!

Well well well….. funny, universe. I needed to run by the store to get a few things but none of them were crucial to have to have tonight. So as I’m driving back to where I live from where I work, I’m debating whether or not I’d care to stop at the store or just go straight home. Somewhat reluctant and tired, I just figured I’d go ahead and get the errand over with. As I pull up to the stop light waiting to make a turn into the grocery store parking lot, I’m reading the bumper stickers on the pickup truck in front of me – “no farmers, no food.” “Support Local: Appalachian Grown”, “wncw 88.7” <–(the radio station around here with all the good, eclectic stuff!), a picture of a rooting tree, etc… And I’m thinking to myself “I have to find out if this person is a sustainable farmer in this area!”
As they make the turn in front of me I catch a glimpse of the side of the truck which had a business names sticker on it and I saw the word “building”. I follow them into the parking lot and park across from them. A man and his son get out and I see the sticker on the door said it was for a green building company.
I go over and introduce myself and say I couldn’t help but notice their stickers, and asked if they’re based out of this town – they are! I explain my interest in green building, that we’re new to the area but bought 5 acres with the intention to build further on it and do a permaculture food forest. He said he lives in a net zero house and is doing permaculture as well, and is always happy to meet new neighbors. I asked if he ever is willing to show off his permaculture site for others to learn from, and he said “All the time. You can even come by this evening if you want too.”
Well, I had to excuse myself because I was on the way home to cook dinner. But he gave me his card so I can call sometime and set something up.
What a great local find! So glad to meet others out this way doing similar things of interest. The more the merrier.

And in other news…
Farm Notes:
Managed to get outside and do a little before dark.  Got the cucumbers in the ground. Now if only it would rain and spare me the watering.


– e.


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