Sprouts a’comin

Yaaaaaaay for sproutings! This is happening so fast now that the soil is warming up more. Baby apples on the trees, and cherries. There are blueberries starting on the bushes. 3 out of 7 asparagus tips have now shot little tiny fingers up. The edamame, pole beans, sunflowers, heirloom corn, snap peas, and zucchini are sprouting already.
AND the chestnuts have leaves on them, 2 out of 5 Sea Buckthorn so far have leaves and buds, and one out of 8 pawpaws has leaves.
I think I may move a couple of the other pawpaws from their experimental spots and put them over near the one that has leaves now. Its on eastern side of property, with trees behind it and somewhat over it but its getting western sun most of the day, whereas the others are even more shaded and only get eastern sun, if that.


– e.


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