Good day’s work.

Its dooooone! Got the rest of the chard, the beets, the “creasy greens'”/cress, the nasturtiums, the carrots and the fennel all in today! That’s all I had left to plant for now, though Don may add in some garlic and more potatoes, and I think I’ve got space to add some pumpkins too.

All of that on top of cooking up a big breakfast/lunch, playing with the dogs, cleaning up the house, doing all of the laundry and putting it away, loading all recycling into the car to run to the center tomorrow, unloading and reloading the dishwasher, and making a smoothie for dinner – because after being out in the hot sun planting, a mango lassi sounded good. And its only 8:18!

Cant say my day off was unproductive. I’m beat now though.

Here is Pokey, modeling the clover crown I made for her while we hung out in the field for a bit this evening.

May 2015 - pokey clover crown

– e.


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