Inspiration and other projects

I made plans to go see the property of the guy I met at the grocery store a few weeks back, who owns the green building company out this way. I spent a couple hours checking out his homestead and seeing what systems he has in place. The house he built for his family is gorgeous! Also, I really really really want a pond now. I mean I knew for permaculture purposes it would be smart to make one at some point, but it was just so lovely how it added to the ambiance and habitat and what not, totally a must-do project.

Then I headed into town to go to tractor supply and get tall fencing for our chicken pen project which was suddenly necessitated by our neighbor.
Then James – with a smidgen of help from his mother and myself and a lot of help from every expletive in the book, lol – pretty much beast moded putting the fence up (no, seriously, you should see the battle scars all up and down his arms from wrestling with cutting wires and bending the metal and everything). Complete with even making the gate work in the whole scheme of things, so it was all done with just enough daylight left to let the chickens out of their coop briefly enough to test it out. Success!

Then I scrubbed the bathtub down so it is now cleaner than it even was when we moved in, and we can try making use of our jet tub for the first time since buying this house. I think we earned it.  ;]

– e.


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