For the birds.

Sprucing up the chicken’s pad so they don’t get bored and try to escape it…
First we hauled a giant bag of leaves up for them, which they all happily, immediately pounced in and started scratching it up till they’d spread it out to cover a 1/3 of their yard. (If you want mulch spread, make chickens do it!)
I put two old saw horses in there to give them something to perch on in the yard if they want. They inspected them and thought about getting up there, but decided to pass.
Then I used the bottom half of an old dog house that was here since we moved in, and filled it with sand to make a sandbox because we read how chickens like to scratch in sand. Well, first they got in and out of the empty box, then I poured in the sand and they proceeded to have fun scratching the empty plastic sand bags I had set on the ground….. But did they want to go in the sandbox itself once a complete? No. I thought, it is kind of sterile, I need to give them more incentive – so I called them all over and sprinkled some scratch feed into it. One of them hopped in to eat the scratch, but seemed perplexed, and I don’t think she liked how her feet sunk into the sand a bit. # chickentoyfail
Guess we just have to see what they do in the coming days.

– e.


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