Houston, we have contact.

Chicken sign in the sandbox!

June 2015 - Chicken sandbox

Also, Sassy just flew up, jumped on my back and climbed on to my head, flapping the whole time. It was both annoying and kinda scary, a new thing for her to do. …That’s Sassy.

Around the Farm…

The comfrey is happy here. The two plants I got at Herbfest are now three times the size they started at.
June 2015 - Comfry planted


Soon-to-be-blue berries. Looking better by the day. Yum.
June 2015 - First Blueberries


The borage plant is getting pretty epic. I planted it as a companion to the strawberries… Well, that bit of green with the teeny white flower down in front of it in this shot is the strawberry plant so far. lol
I think the borage may take over this bed at the rate its going.
June 2015 - Borage


The garden. Mind you, 50% or more of the green you see there now is weeds…. They are growing faster in the rain here than the seeds are sprouting.
June 2015 - Garden


And right now the back hill is just covered in ox-eye daisies.

– e.


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