First Fruits

Check out the black raspberry haul I just pulled! Woohoo!
There will be more ripe on the bushes in a matter of days too.
They are melt-in-your-mouth tasty.
The chickens like them too.

June 2015 - Black raspberries

There is also one stand of wine berry brambles growing on the retaining wall that is the side edge of our driveway. Now, this is considered an “invasive” species…. But it is edible and I’m told its quite tasty. So we can leave the one plant there and just not let it spread and take over. (Not hard to do because it doesn’t grow aggressively the way honeysuckle, kudzu, or poison ivy do.)
Anyhow, that gave me the idea that we should plant edible fruit bushes all down that wall… That way when coming or going on the driveway you can just reach right out and grab a fruit snack. Nature’s “drive through”.



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