Still Broody…

The past couple of days we left Sandy and Goldie, the two bullies, blocked in the coop so that Sassy could freely roam the pen with the others if she wanted, and not get picked on and go running back to the nest box. It only half worked, she would peck around the yard for a bit, but still go to the box. Then I blocked her from getting in the box by putting a strawbale on top of it, so she just went and hunkered down in the back of the barn/shed instead.
So today I’ve switched it up. I’ve left her in the coop and let the others out into the pen but kept Sassy blocked in. I prevented her entry (so far) to the 2 nest boxes in there, by flipping the perch bars up to block the door and putting cardboard boxes in each nest box to block the space if she were to get the perch down.
I’m not even 100% sure that would stop her, she may find a way to cram herself in regardless. I’ll go check in a bit and see.
Its looking like she will need to go into a “broody breaker” box after all – i.e. a wire dog cage set up off the ground so that she gets hair on all sides, and with nothing else in there for her besides food and water… for a few days.



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