My Spidey senses are tingling…

Just a friendly public service announcement…
If you really hate spiders you probably don’t want to live in NC.
Every corner of your house, inside and out, will have a resident spider in it. There are so many different kinds I’ve seen I can’t even count them all on my 10 fingers. There are so many sharing this space that I feel like I should be naming them at this point, “there’s Charlotte, the front door spider, and over here we have Buster, the behind-the-refridgerator spider. Then of course there’s Binkle and Winkle, the kitchen window spiders.”

They’re great, really, because they keep the bazillion other bugs that are here in this temperate rainforest buggy environment, more at bay. But unfortunately some people would still rather their existence cease. So if that’s the case, consider yourself warned if you ever think of moving here or visiting me. ;}

Here is one of the aforementioned spiders. This one lives in a tunnel web on the wood pile, and is about the size of a half dollar. Like a baby tarantula.
July 2015 - Tunnel web spider




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