In the farm kitchen

What is up with these chickens? That tiny egg is about the size of a quail egg. First time that’s ever happened. A yolkless egg. Ah well, the dogs liked to eat it either way.

Aug 2015 - yolkless egg


Also, Yay! My favorite kind of bean – Limas/butter beans.
The plants are looking really bad due to beetles eating the leaves, I hadn’t seen any buds and assumed it wasn’t fruiting. The seeds Don planted were old so we weren’t sure how reliable they’d be. But, lesson learned, as it turns out, the Lima bean’s pods form near the base of the plant so I just had to jostle it around and lift it up a bit to find them. Got enough to make one pot worth, which is better than the zero I thought I was going to get.
Also, as I was shelling them I was thinking about how amazing beans are, how relatively easy it is to pop them right out if their shell. I thought “its like they WANT to be eaten. Nature’s great design”…. Then I thought about how I have the advantage of opposable thumbs, which might really be what accounts for easy shelling. So I did a test, and taped my thumbs to the sides of my hand and index finger and then continued shelling the beans with said handicap. It did make it take 2-3x as long. lol

Aug 2015 - lima bean harvest




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