Fruit trees

I don’t know how many pounds of apples this is I just gathered. Maybe 10? Anywho, they’re crisp and tasty, but these are going to be processed into apple butter.

Sept 2015 - Apple harvest

I ate a pear off of our pear tree today too. It was insanely crunchy, but good flavor. I always prefer crunchy pears to soft, fully/over ripe ones anyhow.
This from the tree that both the previous owner, Don, said had never once fruited before, and which the extension agent, Craig, said probably never would fruit because its missing its original graft. Well, it has fruited, and has a mere 6 fruits on it. Well 5 now, because I ate one while doing some yard work hauling some brush around the yard into a pile.
I liked it, but honestly we probably could stand to wait a couple more weeks before picking the others.




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