Apple Butter round 2

Went to a vacation cabin with my family this past week, tucked away up in Celo NC. The 4 apple trees there were packed with fruits in way better shape than i had on our property this year. So I brought a bunch home and now its round 2 of apple butter canning time, plus apple sauce, plus apple syrup for pancakes and ice cream. :}

After applesauce canning attempt number 1 didn’t work properly due to a dutch oven soup pot not being deep enough to cover the jars all the way to the proper depth for sealing, I went and got this giant thing. Oooooh yeeeeah, starting to feel more like a professional. What’s next? A pressure cooker/canner? It could get crazy up in here. # gatewaycanning

Oct 2015 - canning apple butter

My attempt at the apple pancake and ice cream syrup didn’t work out as I’d hoped though. I reduced the pureed apples down to a syrup, but I didnt cut it with any water or oil or anything, so when it cooled off all of the natural pectin from the apples jelled it back up, so it came out almost like a super dark rich apple jam concentrate. Still tasty though, so I guess that’s what counts.




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