Lady Problems

Ladies, we gotta step it up on our homesteading and survival skills in order for demand to create supply – right now its almost impossible to find a GOOD chainsaw, weed eater, hell… even heavy duty work gloves, that fit small, less muscled people (such as yours truly here who has freakishly tiny hands).

I think I’ve finally found a weed eater that will do. Assuming the rave reviews on its power level for being a cordless electric, hold up to be true. If not, there are a couple gas options which, weight wise, may not be too bad, but the pull string starts on the gas powered ones are another area where I get hung up.

A manageable chain saw is still a mystery to me… After picking a few up at home depot to test the weight, the only size that felt in control to me of their selection was a 10″, and I’m fairly sure you cant do much of jack with a 10″ except small firewood. Lame. That’s not gonna cut it (pun intended, and literally) for how much tree management we’ve got to get done around here. If I could find a decent 16″ it would probably be as good as I can get it for manageability. But 18″ is what is recommended for the most job varieties, such as even felling small trees if needed.
Though James maybe more than likely would do a lot of that work, I like to at least have the option, for self sufficiency’s sake, to pick up a saw and get things done myself when/if need be.

I’ll have to walk down the road a piece here at some point and meet my neighbor who is a female lumber jack and see what she may have to offer to me for advice. She’s bigger than me, so she probably can handle more saw than I could anyhow… but she may still have some thoughts/suggestions from her professional experience, or may be willing to give me some lessons.

Anyhow, its very frustrating how much all of this kind of stuff is never designed with even the slightest thought of women users in mind. Its not just a matter of “toughen up and deal with it because they’re built and sold gender neutrally!” The over whelming majority of these power tools are built in such a way that they would not be safe for many women to attempt using, especially women smaller than myself even.

Granted, I intend to amass plenty of hand tools anyhow, cant always rely on gas supplies or electricity for charging batteries etc… So having human-powered tools is a must for true self sufficiency sake.
But so long as civilization is operational in such a way that the power equipment can/will still work, then it IS a handy invention to make quick work of things. Assuming I can find some that I CAN work.




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