Kitchen experiments

Another item on the kitchen alchemy list: prickly pear syrup – made with fruits I got off the cactus in my parents front yard a couple weeks ago. I had store bought prickly pear syrup before, bought as a souvenir in Arizona after visiting my grandparents there years ago. So I know how its supposed to look and taste like essentially. We’ll see if I can recreate it.

Caught red handed not wearing kitchen gloves while squeezing prickly pear fruit. Lesson learned. ;p
Nov 2015 - hand red after processing prickly pear

Well…… It didn’t turn out quite as strongly as I remember from the stuff in Tucson years ago. Maybe the fruits weren’t at their peak of ripeness? Or maybe this isn’t the best time of year to be harvesting them? Oh well. It still tastes good, and different.
One thing I read online likened the flavor of prickly pear to a combination of watermelon, strawberries and bubblegum… I think that is a pretty apt description of the flavor profile.




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