First Foray into Fermentation

I was doing some weeding in the garden plot, in preparation for broadcasting the rye and wheat cover crop, and noticed the wild radishes were back again in abundance. I started pulling them out and got a few giant ones. They have a nice spicy radish aroma.
Then I started thinking that if I’m not going to be doing the compost and sheet mulching till next spring, after the rye and wheat have been cut, then I may as well leave some of the radishes in the ground in hopes that their longer tap root will draw some nutrients up in the soil. I’m not entirely positive radishes are a plant that would help the soil or not… more research to be done.

[Edit, one of my Ashevillage permaculture contacts confirmed to me radishes do indeed help replenish soil as my initial hunch indicated. She’s sewn them as cover crop in her own garden as a matter of fact.]

Anyhow, waste not want not, I’m going to slice and ferment these few that I did pull out of the ground. May as well use them for something.

Also discovered the chickens like to eat the radish tops.

Nov 2015 - wild radishes to pickle



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