Winter Wellness Preparations

Mmmmm….. Mullein leaf and pine need tea with a tiny bit of local honey from a nearby homestead. Tastes like a winter forest in a cup.
Just doing a little system fortification. I refuse to get sick this year, the last two years were a doozy!

Harvested and dried some more wild mullein leaf from the garden. The fluffy mullein leaves act as a demulcent when steeped in a tea, soothing the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. The pine needs are from the abundant white pines we have right outside the door, they are very rich in vitamin C.

My primary latest wellness concoction has been to steep pine needles, with mullein, toss in a teaspoon of freeze dried elderberry powder, throw in a couple of syrup soaked balls of ginger root, and its good to go – tastes like a zingy berry cider more than a tea.

A friend and fellow homesteading enthusiast and I also got together at her place to make some Master Tonic a couple weeks back. Master Tonic is a medicinal food/herb concentrated elixir to take by the spoonful as an immune booster. We combined freshly grated turmeric and ginger roots, minced garlic, diced horse radish and burdock root, a bit of local honey, cayenne pepper, black pepper, thyme, dried astragalus root and echinacea, and soaked it all for 4 weeks in a jar of raw apple cider vinegar. Typically after that initial infusing time is when you would strain the solid materials out and just take a spoonful of the liquid daily as a tonic. But you can continue to leave the solid particulate in it as well so that it continues to get stronger as it sits.



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