More trees!

It was downright balmy with the rain this morning, I didnt need any warm layer besides a raincoat. Rain stopped now and its back to being cold. I’m debating whether (or weather? pun intended) putting off planting some trees in the rain today was a good idea… I think I would have preferred planting in the drizzle vs. planting in the cold with stiff hands. I guess I could see what its like come 4 o’clockish tomorrow? Either way, I gotta get those suckers into the ground so that they dont go to waste. They were my “free gift” from the Arbor Foundation after all. I got some free bare root little trees in the mail from Arbor Day Foundation for filling out a survey and sending them $20 bucks for membership.


…Ok, I did manage to get 5 out of ten planted today = 2 crab apple, 2 washington hawthorn, and 1 crepe myrtle, now I have 2 white dogwood, 2 redbud and 1 more crepe myrtle left to go.  Will just have to get to it when I can get to it, if I can get to it before the ground stays frozen for the winter. Planting trees – even tiny little bare roots like these – is very time consuming business, especially when I’ve been doing it by myself since James was at work.

The hole’s perimeter has to be dug a few feet wide so that plenty of soil is loosened around the baby trees little roots and gives it ample space to root in and grow. Then it has to be mulched on top at least a foot across and a few inches deep, and watered in.
Luckily there’s a pile of wood chip Don had left on the property after running some felled trees through a borrowed chipper last summer. Unluckily, that wood chip pile is all the way on the back hill of the property, so I had to go scoop some up and put it in a tarp bag that I’m dragging around with me all over to each tree planting site.

It is tiring, tree planting, though much easier now after the rain we’ve been having compared to when I planted those other trees this spring.
I probably could have done them all except I waited till the day was half over before I got started on it, waiting for it to get as warm outside as it was going to get for the day.
I made good timing, got everything cleaned up before dark with still time to spare for cooking dinner and letting the chickens out to free range for a bit. The chickies were very happy that I had found exactly 7 fat grubs in the last planting hole I dug…. one per chicken, or so I thought. Yeah right, it never goes that smoothly with them





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