No hibernation here

Winter is not down time for a homestead. It’s catch up time. All the dried out and dormant weeds that need whacking back to get under control before it all goes green again next spring. All the fallen branches that need gathering into a brush pile, and leaves that need raking over to the compost. Planning and prepping the garden space for planting by as soon as March, if weather permits. Putting stakes out to mark where to plant more fruit/nut trees come spring. Etc…

We will probably try to plan and host a bit belated 1 year on the homestead/housewarming celebration in 2016. We will wait till it warms up outside of course, and then I will probably make it be a dual purpose event 1. Celebrate with friends and family and 2. Get extra hands involved in helping plant trees for any willing and able to lend a hand.
It will be fun to have a big campout/cookout up on the hill in the pasture. I hope it pans out.




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