The first breaking of ground…

Planting a couple of blueberry bushes along garden fence line. They like acidic soil and I was wondering what I could do to guarantee they’d be happy, hopefully without having to purchase anything. Turns out that pine needles act as natural acidifier! Bingo! Got tons of that around here. Hooray for free mulch.

now it was slow going, lugging 16 gallons of water up hill in buckets (2 trips of 8 gal each, minus whatever I spilled on myself), and breaking the spade point off the old rusty shovel I was using when I hit a rock in the ground – but the first plantings I’ve done on the property are now complete. 2 non-gmo blueberry bushes.

The chickens also got treats because I dug up some mealy grub worms of some kind in the process and gave them to the chickies. Well, really just to Sassy, because she was the only one bold enough to come right up and get it from me.

Now today feels like its been productive. Don’t even have to leave for work till another hour and a half. Wish I knew what else to get done in that time. (Hammock nap?)

Oh, I also saw the first honeybee of the season. Yay.

P.s. how about that ancient, broken handled, rusted shovel?! It came with the property. #homesteadonashoestring

– e.

blueberry planting march 2015


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